Terrorism in Egypt

Terrorists have stricken again, this time in Egypt where they killed some 80 people, muslims and others, and injuried hundreds more. This struggle continues, but as Johan Norberg points out on his blog this is not a war between Islam and the West – this is a war between fascist islamists and the mainstream moderat muslims. A civil war within islam, internal but global. A quote:

If such a struggle for the soul of Islam is to be won, it can´t be done by outsiders, it has to be done by all the decent and peaceful Muslims. Above all, they must completely and publicly and repeatedly reject the murderers, so that they are seen by all Muslims as evil embarrassments for their communities, and not as martyrs and models, who raise legitimate political points – which would guarantee new suicidal recruits.

This is of course key, which has been pointed out by many. But it does not mean that those of us who are not muslims should just sit back. We must make sure that those who are moderate and peaceful feel our full support – and that those who are not suffers from our rage.

And we must never back down from our way of life.