What we’re up against

Many people think, in particular among those in the academic world and in the mainstream media, that should we (that is the USA and Israel) change our foreign policy, Islamistic terrorism would end. This is a tempting idea, because it seems logical to us. But, ultimately, it is incorrect. Holding on to it, and thereby misunderstanding the greatest enemies of Western liberty, is potentially dangerous. To fight radical islamism one must first understand it — otherwise it is impossible to develop an effective strategy.

Obsession: What the war on terror is really about makes an attempt to bring such understanding, and is now avaible to watch at Google Video. I strongly recommend that you do, though I should point out that it contains several scenes that are hard to watch. Several people get to give their view, including a former Palestinian terrorist and the daughter of one of the “martyrs”. The view they give, of a strong ideology (not too unlike nazism, but with a much stronger death cult), and of what the struggle is about is enlightening. The conclusions lie close to those of the great book Terror and Liberalism by Paul Berman — a book you should all read.

What one must realise is that the enemy is not simply a group of crazy terrorists, but rather it is an idea. And ideas can only be fought by promoting — and by always protecting — the ideas of our own, that are superior. The ideas of liberal democracy. This is a global fight, and should we loose it the victims are both ourselves and the muslims who are already suffering under radical islamism.

I recommend everyone to watch this movie, whether you will agree with it’s conclusions or not.