Greetings from Norman

Alright, so I’m here, sort of settled in, and quickly getting used to Norman, Oklahoma, where I’ll be spending the next nine months or so. Despite the raised terror alert the flight over was alright. Some extra queues though, and I had to get rid of all things liquid.

A few things stand out here. It’s very hot and actually surprisingly humid, though it’s certainly nothing one can’t deal with. The people here are extra-ordinarily friendly and helpful. And the campus is beautiful with it’s red brick houses and many green parks. I think I’ll enjoy myself here.

I don’t really have that much to say, as I’ve been spending the last couple of days handling the administrative stuff that needs to get done (some of that left to do for tomorrow as well), and bought some stuff I need. I’ll certainly tell you about things as they unfold, and hopefully I’ll get back to the usual political stuff any time now, perhaps with a short comment right now concerning the foiled terrorist plot.

About that it’s obviously great that those sort of things get stopped before they happen, and it shows what some well co-ordinated intelligence can achieve. I think it also makes the point that it is exactly these kind of measures that actually do anything useful while the extra layers of security at airports more work towards calming people down by being visible. In reality terrorists will probably be able to get around any reasonable measure conducted by airport security, and hopefully (but perhaps not likely) politicians will come to the same conclusion and go back to how it was before this plan was uncovered. The risk with not doing so is obvious: if travelling by airplane gets too complicated and involves too many annoying steps going through security people will travel less, thus making the terrorists earn a point against the free societies. Every security measure comes at a price, and while there’s no reason to be overly religious on either side of this, that price needs to be carefully compared to the gains. Otherwise we still loose.

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  1. Happy to hear that the first impression of Norman was good. It seems that your brain is functioning well after a long trip and what you said about air travelling was bang on. You should try as soon as possible some of that world famous Oklahoma smoke barbecue.

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