So what now?

I was just listening to a CNN interview with the French minister of defense, Ms Alliot-Marie, in which she made an effort to point out that the UN cease-fire force that is to be deployed in southern Lebanon will not disarm Hezbollah. It’s no surprise of course. After all, this is a UN force led by Europeans and disarming Hezbollah would definitly result in some casualties which is unacceptable to European governments. The fact that France refuses to provide the number of troops required obviously add to the risk. What will all this yield?

Basically, nothing good. The UN force protecting the cease-fire without disarming Hezbollah means that all previous resolutions calling for just that disarming to happen will continue to be ignored. It also means that the force will in effect protect the Hezbollah and allow the to re-arm and wait for the next time Iran gives them the green light to attack. And rest assured, such an order will come. When the current Iranian stalling tactics, concerning their nuclear weapon programme, is finished it will have to provide further distraction. Letting Hezbollah fire a round of rockets into Israel worked well this time, and will work even better with the UN resolution in power since the media will make sure world opinion gets angry with the Israeli breach of the cease fire.

Put shorter: another point to the Islamic Republic. Their lead is beginning to look frighteningly big.