N for No big deal

Three years ago people, especially in the United States, where all in panic over offshoring — jobs moving to India or other places where costs were substantially lower. IT jobs in particular where thought to be doomed, as hordes of Bombay programmers would replace the Silicon Valley ones. Today almost nobody talks about offshoring. Some jobs are clearly being done in less wealthy parts of the world (which all things counted is a good thing), but it is hardly the threat it was thought to be. It didn’t really warrant presidential candidate John Kerry calling people “Benedict Arnold CEO’s” for shipping jobs overseas.

The lesson to be learned is that when everyone gets in a panic about something at the same time — everyone being the media — there is usually good reason to be cautious, and carefully examine what the fuzz is really about. That might be worth remembering while reading about the quickly approaching apocalypse of global warming.

When it comes to globalisation there is no doubt that it does bring change, and that it makes things tougher for some people, while generally making most of us better off. And it is also worth remembering that the world is never really static, but always changing one way or another. That is generally a good thing.


Thanks to Greg Mankiw for the heads up
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One thought on “N for No big deal”

  1. Oh, but there are no more IT jobs here in the United States!.. well, except for the one I just got. ;) You’re right. People do need to calm down a bit and look beyond immediate situations, and instead to the development of history. Otherwise, we remain both shortsighted and obsessed with issues that in reality have little effect in the long run.

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