Communists are funny

Recently Carl Bildt, the Swedish foreign minister, included Cuba on his list of countries lacking in the protection of human rights, in a speech to the UN Human Rights Council — a council hard to take seriously, given that it spends most of its time condemning Israel while happily turning a blind eye to the widespread oppression in the Middle East.

Apparently the Cuban ambassador wasn’t too happy to see his Communist paradise included on that list, and his response is hilarious. One would have to conduct a rather ambitious search to find something equally silly in the realm of diplomacy. The ambassador said that Sweden has no right to accuse Cuba of anything, given our history of imperialism and colonialism and with our boots covered in blood. Also he had a few things to say about our immigration policies:

Cuba, unlike Sweden, does not persecute migrants or carry out ethnic cleansing that only allows those whose skin and hair color fit with the racial patterns of former Viking conquerors to remain in the country.

Hmm. What is there to say? Those Cuban commies should take up stand-up comedy!


You can listen to the Cuban ambassador here.
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