Nanny state expanding

UK citizens, like Swedish and most likely many others, already have to read big fat warning labels saying that “Smoking kills” when they pick up a packet of cigarettes. Our friendly politicians apparently figures that this will make smokers stare at the packet in surprise, realise the error in their ways, and refrain from getting their tobacco fix.

The British Public Health Minister, Caroline Flint, seems to think this has been such an astounding success that the whole warning label concept needs to be expanded to the alcoholic beverages industry too. Drunkards need to be informed that the bottle of vodka they are consuming will make them drunk. And dead.

Thus the nanny state expands, and moves into one more territory, with the well meaning government telling us how to live our lives, supposedly in our own interest. In ten years time maybe we will see the hoods of cars saying “Stepping in front of cars kills” or warning labels having a warning label telling us that “Looking at ugly warning labels makes you go blind”.

Ms Flint, please, mind your own business and we’ll mind ours.


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