The wonders of the free market

The free market is often criticised, and made mock of, by people thinking it unjust and cruel. To some extent these views are formed when watching the horribly poor suffer, mistakenly blaming the market for it, and understandably wishing there was a better way (all alternatives tried have failed miserably, and in part caused those people to be so poor). To some extent they arise from not stepping back and seeing where and how all of our riches come from.

This article, by Donald J. Boudreaux, is thought provoking and well worth a read, for those interested in actually taking that step back. A short excerpt from the intro:

The economist Paul Romer notes the astonishing fact that if you thoroughly shuffle a deck of 52 cards, chances are practically 100 percent that the resulting arrangement of cards has never before existed.


How does one go from shuffling cards to the free market? Read to find out!


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