McCain, Obama and Krugman

While getting ready to go out earlier today, I happened to see parts of today’s speeches by the presidential candidates. I can’t say they were too encouraging.

Obama, speaking in New Hampshire, was in his most populist mood, championing protectionism, promising lower taxes to (almost) everyone, unless they happened to be one of those evil people who run companies. Obviously he also promised to solve the financial crisis and provide free health care for all, after the miserable Bush years. More than anything he reminded me of a Latin American left-wing despot, or possibly a left-of-labour European.

Meanwhile McCain, I believe in Pennsylvania, put on a good effort to seem irrelevant, mainly talking about how courageous a man Joe Lieberman is, with Lieberman standing next to him nodding along, only to then switch to praising his mother. Nothing wrong about him thinking well of his mother, of course, but one might think that he should have other things to talk about.

As for Krugman, I just wanted to point you to this post on his blog, in which he briefly explains the theories for which he won the Nobel Prize. (HT: Marginal Revolution)


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