Around The Web

A couple of links from around the web:

  • e-PaperTrail. This site lets you watch over any U.S. Senator or Representative. You can see what they’re saying on the floor, compare their voting records and see which bills get passed. It’s a pretty neat idea, although it could be developed further.
  • The human heart is a Turing machine. Apparently cardiac cells can be used to make computations. I don’t know what the implications are, but I imagine it could allow for interesting medical applications. You can read a blog about it here, and get the scientific paper here.
  • Barack Obama’s smile is frighteningly consistent.
  • If air travel worked like health care. In Tyler Cowen’s words, “very funny (and sad)”.

I thought I’d do these type of posts in between the regular ones, given the unfortunate irregularity of the latter.


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