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  • Conn Iggulden’s Emperor: The Gates of Rome. The unpolished writing and cardboard characters put me off a little, and prevents this from being truly memorable. Still, seen as an adventure novel, it’s rather entertaining, and I will probably continue with at least one of the sequels. If I wanted to learn about the life of Julius Caesar, or get a picture of what life was like for an upper class Roman, I would probably pick something else.
  • Edward Lucas’ chilling account of the political reality of Putin’s Russia, The New Cold War: Revolutions, Putin’s Russia and the Threat to the West. Lucas, the Eastern European correspondent of the Economist, has covered the region for a long time and his knowledge and insight makes it a book well worth reading. He paints a worrying picture of a revanchist, nationalistic, country that has played the divide-and-rule game rather successfully, and that has its eyes on the ex-Soviet republics to its south and west. The next decade is likely to present some considerable challenges, and awareness in the West ought to be higher. I still have a chapter to go, but I whole-heartedly recommend it.


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4 thoughts on “Recently Read”

  1. I enjoyed reading The Emperor series. It may not be entirely historically correct but the guesses are good enough, and Iggulden describes the changes in his appendix. Currently I’m on his series about Djingis Khan!

  2. (btw, there’s an error page after posting a comment – even though the comment appears correctly afterwards)

  3. Yes, the historical changes do not really bother me. I’ll definitely keep going.

    I’ve noticed this error, and am searching for the cause. Haven’t been able to figure out why it does it though, but I’ll keep looking.

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