Can Cameron Lead Hung Parliament?

As you know, the British voted yesterday, and with the results in all we can say is that the future looks uncertain. David Cameron’s Conservative party was a mere 20 seats away from majority, but will now need the support of Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats. He’s put a lot on the table in order to secure it, but it remains to be seen whether the LibDems are willing to take it.

All things considered, it’s a somewhat worrying outcome, given the dismal situation the country is in. The budget deficit is huge, and Gordon Brown is making it bigger every day. It’s an open question whether a coalition government (or a minority government) could garner support for the spending cuts that will be necessary. It’s important that they do, and not just for the sake of Britain.

As the Economist writes, there’s a very real possibility that there will be another election before long.


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