Quick Thoughts On The iPad

I found this remark, via Tyler Cowen:

The iPad makes using a computer less of a commitment and that has important implications for the way I compute. I like how I feel when I am using the thing.

I’ve had mine for a few weeks, and this rings true. I haven’t yet settled into a usage pattern, but I do like it. It subtly changes the experience from, say, browsing on a laptop.

For one thing, it’s much quicker to access. Even if it only shaves off a second or two, it makes a difference. I’m more likely to look things up when a thought pops into my head, than I was before. Overall, I’d say the immediacy of the device is the biggest change it brings.

It’s also more comfortable to read on it. Longer articles, or blogs, benefit from being displayed on a tall and narrow screen.

And it’s great for board games, especially when you sit opposite of your opponent, like in chess.

I’m curious to see where software will take it. But I’ve enjoyed mine so far.


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