Comments are now back on for real, meaning that I won’t need to approve of them before they are published. I started doing that due to huge amounts of spam, but I’ve now installed a plug-in to this blog to deal with the problem. If it works well, I’ll let it stay this way. Don’t hesitate to comment!

Comments back on

I’ve decided to allow comments after all, since I enjoy the feedback and discussion this makes possible. However, at least for now, I will manually approve of all comments before they are published. I will not use this to remove comments I disagree with or anything like that — it’s simply a way for me to make sure that spam comments never gets published.

If you’ve written a comment and it takes an unreasonable amount of time before it shows up, please feel free to drop me an email. If this happens it might be that I’ve accidentaly blocked your comment, which I apologise for in that case.

I’ve also recieved a recommendation for a plug-in to deal with the spam problem, from a fellow blogger. I’ll check it out.

Thanks for reading.

This blog will be back in a while

Since I will be spending the next week and a half or so in the countryside I expect that there won’t be much happening on this blog for a little while. Internet access is doubtful at best, so don’t count on any posts until sometime in the beginning of August.

And make sure to enjoy your summer!

Gone for a week

This blog will take another one week break as I’m going to the Almedalen Week of politics, where many of the leading figures in Swedish politics will speak and debate (and indeed many others too). Hopefully there will be things to learn and interesting debates and seminars to attend to. I will not rule out the possibility of writing a post or two from there, but don’t count on it.

As always, feel free to either send me your comments about the blog or individual posts or to make use of the commenting system. I know it’s been sort of slow going the last month or so which is mainly due to the fact that it’s summer, but I certainly will write more regurarly as autumn comes closer, and I expect I’ll have a lot of things to say well before that too.

Expect a new post next Sunday – if I can I’ll post something before that.

Back in action

I’m back from a hot (but wonderful) New York, and so this blog is also back in action – slightly improved. What’s new is the for blogs standard possibility for you readers to write comments, so feel free to do so. I’m always curious to know what you think, and if discussions between you readers arise all the better. Keep the comments in either English or Swedish, and stay friendly – but disagree as much as you like!

And keep reading the blog.