U.S. Political Test

Since I take an unreasonable delight from political tests, I couldn’t resist this one created by PBS for the U.S. election.

I end up getting an “Average Republican” rating, although I score “Very conservative” on economic issues and “Very liberal” on social issues. No surprise there, although I don’t necessarily agree that it adds up to being an average Republican.

The main problem with the test is that it has too few questions (which means that each question has an undue influence on the result), and that it doesn’t let you signal whether you care about an issue or not. Also, I would still to see questions along the radical-conservative axis — that is, questions about the pace and style of reform, rather than the reform’s contents — but I have yet to discover a test that incorporates this.

On the other hand, the test does perhaps illustrate that the two parties leave a lot of people wanting, by having a narrower span of views than they used to.

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Who Do You Side With?

Followers of this blog know that I enjoy political tests, even though their main use is to make you consider issues you don’t normally think about. As a guide for how to vote, consider what they say, but don’t rely too heavily on them. I recently found a new one, I Side With, which lets you answer a smallish number of questions in order to evaluate which American presidential candidate you ought to side with.

My results:

1. Gary Johnson (R Libertarian) – 94%

2. R. Lee Wrights (Libertarian) – 87%

3. Ron Paul (R) – 84%

4. Fred Karger (R) – 80%

I’ll be the first to admit that I had never heard of R. Lee Wrights or Fred Karger. Obviously, these four are not exactly realistic contenders for the position. From what I know of him, I do like Gary Johnson, and sympathize with some of Ron Paul’s positions.

Overall, the questions posed cover too little ground to make I Side With truly interesting. Feel free to share your results in the comments!

Update: I previously mislabelled Gary Johnson as a Republican. While he used to be — indeed he started the election cycle as a Republican contender and also governed New Mexico as a Republican — he has since switched to the Libertarian party.

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